Competitor Information

The UKPPC is the UK’s largest and most prestigious pole competition for professional pole dancers. Since its foundation in 2011, it has gone from strength-to-strength, and now attracts an incredible 1,000 spectators every year!

Competitors can enter one of three categories:
  • Instructor:
    Open to paid pole instructors who do not perform professionally
  • Professional:
    Open to professional pole performers
  • Elite:
    Open to those who have won, or been runner-up in, a national or international pole competition of note (READ MORE)
Entry Requirements

Full details on the entry requirements for each category can be found in the Rules & Regulations section of the Competitor Information Pack.

Key Reasons to Enter the UKPPC
  • All of our winners will each hold one of the most prestigious titles on the UK competition circuit! You have to be in it to win in!
  • Our winners will receive a fantastic range of prizes from our amazing sponsors!
  • All competitors will receive comprehensive feedback on their routine from our panel of 6 highly experienced judges.
    This means that even if you don’t make it to the final you have a great opportunity to get feedback on your work so you can improve!
  • We offer a range of professional entry categories so that you can choose the category that’s right for you!
  • You have nothing to lose! The only people who will see your video are the UKPPC team and our lovely judges, so if you’re worried about putting yourself out there, don’t be! We are all very friendly here!
  • Finalists get to compete at our amazing venue, the International Centre, Telford!

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Competitor Information Pack

All of the information you need to enter can be found in our  Competitor Information Pack.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about becoming a competitor, feel free to Contact Us

UKPPC Elite Category

The Elite Category represents the finest pole talent in the UK. The category is only open to pole dancers who have won, or been a runner-up in a national or international, professional pole competition.

Not only will the winner of the UKPPC Elite category hold one of the most coveted titles on the UK competition circuit, and receive a wide array of prizes from our sponsors, but they will also be awarded automatic entry into the Pole Championship Series (PCS) WORLD Finals 2018!  On top of all that, the costs of entering travel and accommodation would be absorbed by the PCS!