How do I enter UKPPC?
To enter you will need to fill in the online application form, and submit this with your entry fee and details of your video submission for the video heat. Make sure you do this before the closing date. Visit the competitor the video round page for more info.

Do I need to live in the UK to enter UKPPC?
You need to be a UK resident or citizen to enter UKPPC.

How can I submit Accommodation Requests?
If you require any reasonable adjustments to be made for you during an application, the Video Round, or Grand Final due to a disability, medical or long-term health condition, please contact UKPPC by the respective deadline’s indicated on the website and submit your accommodation request.

What category is right for me?
The Instructor category is open to pole dancers who are paid to instruct but have never been professional performers of any kind.

The Professional category is open to pole dancers who are professional performers of any kind (including, but not limited to pole dancers, aerialists, actors, dancers etc), or those who have worked as professional performers in the past. If an entrant is an instructor and professional performer they must enter the Professional category. For the purposes of the UKPPC, a professional performer is defined as any of the following Paid performers of any kind, Performers who regularly perform pro-bono i.e. professional standard performing work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service or ‘favour’. This includes performing at charity events, fundraisers etc. If you are unsure whether or not this applies to you, please ask prior to submitting your application. Competitors who are required to exhibit at events, road-shows, exhibitions etc, as part of their employment If you are unsure  if your credentials place you in the Professional category please submit a copy of your CV to  mail@ukppc.co.uk and the organisers will make an assessment regarding your entry category

The Elite category is open to those who have won, or been runner-up in a professional competition ‘of note’. Examples of professional competitions would include (but are not limited to) Pole Sports UK National Championships, Miss Pole Dance Pro, Mr Pole Fitness UK. Titles awarded for ‘doubles’ pole are not included. If a competitor has previously won, or been runner-up in, the UKPPC Professional category then they must enter the Elite category.  If you are unsure whether your credentials place you in the Elite category, please submit a copy of your CV to mail@ukppc.co.uk and the organisers will make an assessment regarding your entry category

If a competitor has been found to have entered the wrong category, this may result in disqualification

How much does it cost to enter?
Application to the UKPPC costs £35, payable when the online application form is submitted.  This cost is non-refundable but all applicants will receive full feedback and score sheets

What happens if my video does not meet the requirements?
Any videos submitted that do not meet the requirements detailed on the video round page, will not be accepted. If videos are deemed not to meet these criteria, competitors will be advised by email and given the opportunity to resubmit within 48 hours up until the closing date for entries. Only one resubmission will be allowed

When will I find out if I am in the final?
The results from the video heats will be emailed out to all competitors.

When and how will I get my feedback from my video entry?
Feedback from the video heats will be emailed to all competitors.

What type of pole will be used in the final?

What is the stage layout at the final?
A stage map can be found here

Judges and Sponsors

I am interested in sponsoring the competition – who should I contact?
The UKPPC is interested in hearing from potential sponsors both within and outside of the pole community. If you are interested in being involved in this fantastic event please visit our sponsors page to view the different sponsorship packages or contact us directly mail@ukppc.co.uk.

Can I have a stall at the final?
Stalls are available as part of a Sponsorship Packages. Please visit the Sponsors’ web pages for full details

I don’t need a stall; can I still be a sponsor?
Yes! The Silver Sponsorship Package is for you.


Where can I find information on the final?
Please explore our website where you’ll find lots of information such as what will be available, and the venue.

How and when can I buy tickets
Tickets will be available through Eventbrite. Follow us on social medial to keep up to date on when tickets are on sale.

Is there parking at the final?
Parking is available at the venue at the cost of £4 per car, £15 for a minibus, or £25 for a coach.

Will there be food at the final?
A selection of hot and cold food and beverages will be available for purchase at the venue from 11:30am

Can I buy tickets at the door?
If there are tickets left on the day of the final, they will be available for purchase (cash) at the door. We do highly recommend booking your tickets online as soon as possible so you can get the best view of the stage!