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Ultimate Sponsor

Ultimate Sponsor

Pole Grip

Sponsoring the winner of ‘Best Choreography’!

PoleGrip® is approved by the IPSF for competition use and offers a non-sticky solution specifically developed for the pole, to improve sports performance. It is a gentle, long-lasting, non-slip formula that improves your grip and offers protection when you need it.

Most importantly it is VEGAN Friendly, made from a special combination of alcohol. Silica, Sodium Bicarbonate and Aqua. All our ingredients conform to the current UK and EU cosmetic regulations, and our packaging is fully recyclable, with a simple removable label.

We are very pleased to be announced as the Ultimate Sponsor, supporting UK Professional Pole Championships and will be present at the final on the 19th November 2022 in Telford. . Watch out for some great pre event offers, allowing you to click and collect at the competition. . We are very pleased and excited to work with the team at UKPPC supporting the pole community and feel this is an amazing opportunity to be together again after such a long time.

Please visit our WEBSITE LINK for more information. We are currently seeking to expand our global re-seller stockists in various locations worldwide.

Platinum Sponsors

KLR Collection

Sponsoring the winner of ‘Sexiest’ performance!

KLR is a new brand on the scene offering an ever growing range of dance and studio essentials including our new cruelty free, vegan Twisty Grip perfect for every poler!
Checkout our amazing super comfy reflective sliders and watch how they change in the light! If sliders aren’t for you we will have a selection of trainers from our sister company DollkaFoundIt.  
We will be bringing some treats for our exotic dancers too including a selection of our heels,  pasties & tassels, knee pads and shoe protectors.  
We will also be showing off our custom ‘Sparkle Service’ where we can add some sass to your new shoes or bring your old favourites back to life with some extra sparkle! No limits to colours and customisations. 

We are Breathe

Sponsoring the winner of ‘Best Tricks’!

We believe that moving your body should make you feel good, and we stock clothes that make this possible. Whether you are a Yogi, a Pole fitness fan or a Pilates queen, our clothes are hand-picked to help you bend, breathe and feel beautiful.

As a small, female-founded business, we believe in creating a community of women who are strong mentally and physically, and who use that strength to support and empower each other.

We want to do right by the planet too, and will be setting our sights on stocking 100% sustainable, eco-friendly brands in the future. We’re not there yet, but we’re working on it.

For now, we’re stocking a mixture of brands, some well known and some smaller brands, all of which we love and we hope you’ll love too. So, let us help you find that perfect piece to climb a pole, nail that pose, get that stretch just right. And remember to breathe…

Aerial Attire

Sponsoring the winner of ‘Most Unique’!

Our story starts about 3 years ago. I, Holly, decided to go to an aerial hoop taster session at my local studio. Little did I know back then… that taster session would shape the next several years of my life. 6 months later, I allowed myself to go to a pole taster… Well that was it, the studio had me hook, line and sinker!

Soon after becoming obsessed with pole and hoop, I wanted to buy more outfits (of course) but I found it difficult to find shorts that I was comfortable in. Although, being a part of this amazing industry has increased my body confidence, as a beginner I wanted more coverage on my bum, on my legs and I wanted to be able to tuck my mum tum pouch in.

We, Holly & Marcus, decided to embark on this business venture to bring clothes to all genders of all shapes and sizes. We want to be able to deliver clothes that make YOU feel confident in YOUR body!

Sponsoring the winner of ‘Best Entertainer’!

Do you want to fill this spot? Purchase the sponsorship package here.

Gold Sponsors


Est in March 2021, we wanted to bring something different to the Aerial market. We have created a collection of comfy clothing that can be worn in and out of the studio. We noticed that there was plenty of Pole dancing attire but not so much for the other disciplines, so we are here to change that! Each design has been created from scratch with Aerialists in mind. From comfy sweatshirts and non-restrictive t-shirts to makeup bags and joggers. We’ve got so many ideas, watch this space!

Sail Skirts

Passionate about making dancers feel their most gorgeous selves! 
I believe in fully inclusive sizing, creative designs and high quality production. 
I design and hand make everything with love, in my small studio in the UK.
As a Pole Dancer and Artist, I understand how fabric moves on the body. I also understand how it feels to perform and to want to feel flowing and gorgeous when you dance. That’s why I create my skirts, to make you feel your most beautiful self in your own skin!

Come and say hi to me at my stall today and see exclusive designs and special offers!

Legie Segie Activewear

Passionate about pole wear – Legie Segie has been hand making and delivering designs to dancers around the world since 2017. The brand is built from a love of aerial fitness combined with over 10 years working within the fashion and design industry. Legie Segie Activewear create premium handmade pole wear focusing on Quality, Fit and Style so that you can slay while you train. Make sure you say Hi to the team here today and enjoy discounts, new lines and an extra dose of show sparkle! 

The Pole Dancing Therapist Membership

Kassia is a Sports Rehabilitator and pole dance instructor! She has used the knowledge from both fields to create an online membership to help you learn pole dance and reduce your risk of injury via video tutorials and theoretical education.

Spin City Aerial Fitness

Spin City is one of the largest specialist aerial fitness providers in the UK. With four studios and instructors all across the country, we aim to provide a fun and challenging approach to aerial fitness in a welcoming and professional environment.  

Director of Spin City, Kate Edwards, now specialises in training other instructors how to teach Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Sling and Aerial Silks applying her extensive fitness background to help educate instructors worldwide. Spin City’s pioneering approach to Instructor Training unites cutting edge fitness techniques with an array of aerial equipment. Kate has written fifteen certified aerial fitness courses which have been accredited internationally with AFAA, NASM, ActiveIQ and the PDC. Together with our main programmes, we also offer supplementary training in Anatomy & Physiology, Stretching & Flexibility and Strength & Conditioning. 

Alongside her training courses, Kate also writes and produces the ‘Pole Bible’, the ‘Aerial Hoop Bible’ and the ‘Strength and Conditioning Bible’ three of the leading education resources available for aerial dancers worldwide. 2019 saw the launch of the ‘Team Spin City’ website – an online resource hub for pole and aerial instructors worldwide.

Reign of Sovereignty

REIGN OF SOVEREIGNTY is the Luxury Harness Wear Brand created by Designer and Maker Zoë Atiko. The ready to wear collection is available to buy online and includes some one off pieces. Zoë also offers a made to order service for customers by appointment creating unique Pieces for Fashion, Costume and Bridal.

The Brand began within the club scene of Berlin worn by dancers and performance artists within and beyond the Fetish & Burlesque scene. REIGN’S provocative vision nods to fetish culture but seeks to dissolve the boundaries between insider and outsider, devoted to inclusion.

REIGN celebrates both fashion and the self as a site of bold fluid expression through continual reinvention giving power to the uncompromising enjoyment of one’s own body and sexuality, without judgement or categorisation.

At its core lies the values of embodied triumphant self empowerment; the body conceived as a sovereign authority of pleasure and self knowledge – undefined by culture, association or trend. A self-governing state.

Zoë created REIGN OF SOVEREIGNTY to celebrate her own journey thus far. 

Flying Amazons

Flying Amazons offers luxury wear for yoga, pole, dance and aerial. They support strong, dynamic movement without compromise on fashion and quality.
“Our job is to bring out the heroine within you.”

Athena Athletics

Athena Athletics is a beautiful, premium, new pole and fitness brand specialising in unique prints and limited edition sets.

Athena pole sets are comfortable, stylish and feminine and are all designed and tested by pole artists.

Pole Boxx

PoleBoxx is the worlds first successful pole dance subscription box providing 5 pole dance and fitness goodies each month straight to your door. Poleboxx is 100% Vegan and Environmentally conscious sourcing only the best quality products and also maintaining an excellent carbon footprint. All Poleboxx packaging is once recycled and recyclable again.

Each boxx has a different theme, and can include: accessories, hand and body grip, move tutorials, clothing, snacks, posters, flexibility and gym equipment all that will aid you with your pole dancing journey.

Don’t fancy the monthly option? Well we have Mystery boxes which are a complete surprise – perfect for that one off treat or birthday present to your pole partner!

Violet Sabrewing

Violet Sabrewing is a brand of eye catching and unique accessories & clothing for aerial acrobatics, pole fitness, yoga and activewear! Here you will find back warmers, lycra leggings, tops, elbow & pleaser protectors and more.

My name is Silvana and here it’s little bit of my story. In 2017, I started practising aerial hoops, and the same year I re-discovered my love for sewing; shortly both became my biggest passions.

With the encouragement of my instructors, I began making back-warmers.

Now, I created Violetsabrewing to showcase my creations.

If you didn’t know, Violet Sabrewing is a type of hummingbird. These beautiful birdies are considered bringers of love, good luck and joy in many cultures, and I believe this suits both my passions perfectly.

Now I’m creating my own unique colourful prints on Eco lycra, Active Lycra and Jersey.

I take great care to avoid any waste. Every product is carefully made with love in small batches or to order.

Thank you for reading! X

Etsy Shop

The F | Lux Story

F | Lux is a premium pole and aerial wear brand that was launched 12 months ago for beautiful, functional and luxurious activewear. We are a small team of two and were, as everybody was, affected by Covid-19 and lockdown. During a rather regular catch-up, we started talking about how we cannot find the pole & active wear we want, so we thought… why not design it ourselves?! That call sparked something incredible – months of hard work, which has turned into our very own venture… and we loved every second of it!   

We both come from an automotive design background. As an Interior designer & Colour & Materials designer we naturally wanted to consider even the smallest details and find the best solutions. So, please be assured that every product at F | Lux has been meticulously designed & developed to perfection. Countless loops & trials have been carried out to tweak the design to assure you the best fit. 

We want to empower women to feel strong, confident and sexy! We believe we have created a range of products that suit every shape and size. The material is so soft it feels like a second skin, you will want to wear the clothing all the time – not just to work out. 

We would also like to thank everybody who has supported us from the beginning and has helped us with to get where we are now. 

Good luck to all the competitors, we can’t wait to see your performances. 

Charlie & Karo x

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Aerial Arts Photography

Aerial Arts photography was founded back in 2016 by Photographer and Pole Dancer Rebecca Hudson.
At Aerial Arts I aim to create beautiful, fun, colourful images that celebrate you and your achievements.  Whether that means showing off those strength poses or rolling around in your 8-inch heels. I use a range of bright backdrops and bold lighting styles so I’m sure I have something that fits your personality!
But the most important thing to me is that you enjoy your experience. I understand how nerve wracking photo-shoots can be and because of that, I want you to feel comfortable and safe during your photo-shoot.
Based in Inverkeithing, Fife, my studio is located less than 30 minutes by train from Scotlands stunning Edinburgh city.