Gold Sponsorship


Product will be available to purchase on the 1st June 2021.
The stalls will be located in our 2nd Priority position with a single stall. You can choose from a single or double stall.

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The stalls will be located in our 2nd Priority position. Please note that you cannot choose which stall you have within the 2nd priority section.

You will receive:

Your web logo, company description, and link to your website featured on our website sponsors page.
Multiple social media posts on Facebook and Instagram to highlight your brand and your support of the UKPPC event.
Your web logo, company description, and your website featured in our downloadable PDF programme for the Grand Final.

Our compere will mention you as a GOLD sponsor, including a description of your business.
A 2nd priority position stall in our sponsor’s marketplace, where you can network, advertise your products, and engage with attendees.
Two complimentary tickets to the Grand Final at the sponsors table.
In return for:

Your sponsorship fee of £130-£150 (single or double stall)
Gifts to include in 6 goodie bags for the 1st and 2nd place winners in each category (e.g. Clothing, shoes, DVDs, pole/aerial equipment, vouchers etc)
3 vouchers for each 3rd place to have in their prize envelope.
Please note that discount vouchers are not acceptable for 1st place prizes; any vouchers must cover the whole cost of a prize. Discount vouchers will be accepted for 2nd and 3rd prizes.