The UK Professional Pole Championships aims to be a fair and transparent competition.

The UKPPC was a huge success when it was launched in 2011.  In successive years The UKPPC has grown to be the biggest professional pole competition in the UK, attracting over 1,000 spectators each year.

The UKPPC aims to create a diverse, inclusive and transparent competition where professionals can compete against their peers.

Our Core Values

To showcase the depth and breadth of professional pole talent in the UK.

To give professional dancers the opportunity to compete against their peers through our four categories; Performer, Instructor, Professional, and Elite.

To ensure our system of judging is fair, ethical, and transparent at all stages of the competition.

To have a diverse judging panel including members of the UK pole industry.

To reflect the views of the pole community as a whole, taking all feedback on-board and working with the pole community to develop a competition we are all proud of.