Volunteers Schedule

Timings for Volunteers

TimesEvent – 19th November 2022
9amRegistration desk arrival
Competitor manager arrival to be briefed (between 9-10am)
9:30am Doors open to sponsors and competitors – registration and shown to relevant areas by registration desk
10:30amCompetitor briefing conducted by Kassia
11am-2pmBob (pole cleaner) arrival for rehearsals
Rehearsals in main room overseen by competitor manager
1pmScorers/judge runner arrival for briefing by Kassia/Claire
1pmDoors open to the public
2pmPole cleaners arrival for briefing by Kassia in the Ironbridge Suit
2:30pmDoors to main performance area open to the public
2:45pmPole cleaners at station ready to go
3pmShow starts
8pmEnd of show