The Team

UKPPC Consultants

UKPPC is committed to running an inclusive competition with zero-tolerance for discrimination of any kind. To achieve this, we have invested in a team of diversity and inclusion consultants to ensure that inclusion is at the heart of our agenda from the ground up, and hold UKPPC accountable. We are proud to work with the following team of  wonderful and knowledgeable consultants.

Leila Davis

Leila Davis AKA Cutie Whippingham (she/her)
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Leila is a 25-year-old Queer professional pole dancer, instructor, choreographer and model from South East London, based at Kelechnekoff studio in Peckham. Leila is the founder of Blackstage Pole, a project that aims to showcase BPOC pole dancers, who are often underrepresented in the pole industry. Leila says that she started Blackstage because “I was tired of the lack of representation of BPOC and I was tired of the white, non-sex worker allied, pole narrative which also erases trans and non-binary polers. I wanted a space for the community I love and see, to be loved and seen by all as it should be. I want the pole industry to be decolonised!”. Leila is a recurring panellist and guest speaker for The New Black Film Collective and various other events covering topics such as racism, sex work, decolonising education, and QTIBPOC empowerment.

Alithea Peach

Alithea Peach (she/her).
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“Alithea is a proud transgender bisexual woman, whose passion for pole has taken over her life. She has been poling since 2014, performing since 2016 and an LGBTQ+ activist for longer than she can remember. She wants nothing more than to make the pole industry as queer as she is. It’s her life goal to change the face of the pole industry so that no-one is left behind or othered by the community, and to see that everyone is represented, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, neurodiversity, disability, profession, class, or place of origin.”


A.T. (he/they)
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A.T. is a queer Kenyan artist and pole dancer hitherto based in London.
They are passionate about inclusion and are inspired by pole dance as a metaphor for queerness: in a state of nature both are innocent, albeit in a social context stigma attaches to them. Their most recent work, Bloom , is a debut film for the Fringe of Colour Films online arts festival, in support of the Trans & Queer Fund Kenya.

UKPPC Managers

Kassia Portas and Claire Andrews manage The UKPPC with help from the consultants to ensure that any decisions made benefit the wider pole community.