The Video Round

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UKPPC Rules and Regulations

  • UKPPC welcomes entrants of all gender identities, across race, sexuality, age, religion, and disability to apply.
  • If you require any reasonable adjustments to be made for you during The Video Round due to a disability, neuro-divergence, medical or long-term health condition, please add this to your application form
  • Costume is NOT scored at the video audition stage.
  • Only 30 entries per category will be accepted.
  • 6 finalists will be selected per category.
  • Entries must be submitted by the 30th June 2023, see the full timeline.
  • Entry form will become available on the 1st March 2023.
  • Entries cost £40. This is payable when the online application form is submitted.
  • Application fee is non-refundable.
  • Payment and completion of entry form will reserve your space for the video round. The video audition may be sent at a later date provided we receive it before end of play on the 30th June 2023.
  • Entrants must be over 16 at the time of entry.
  • Entrants must be resident or citizen of the United Kingdom.
  • Entrants must make themselves aware of all UKPPC terms and conditions prior to entry.
  • Entrants must be professional pole dancers. The term professional describes the profession of entrants rather than the level. To enter UKPPC you must have been paid to instruct pole dance or perform pole dance in any capacity. If you are unsure if you meet this requirement please get in touch.
  • We may make exceptions for those who are experienced in pole competing, have placed in multiple competitions and have no interest in instructing or being paid to perform. Please get in touch.
  • If a competitor has been found to have entered the wrong category, this may result in disqualification.
  • Competitor’s previous experience and competition performance will not be considered in the scoring process.
  • Competitors will be selected to compete in the finals event solely on their Video Round performance.
  • Competitors in all categories must be able to attend the final event on the 18th November 2023 if selected.

Video Entry Requirements

  • Videos must be submitted via YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Links must be emailed to by midnight on the 30th June 2023
  • Ensure that videos are not set to “private”
  • There is no restriction on age of performance in the video submitted.
  • The type of pole used for the video submission is not standardised and may be filmed on one pole if you don’t have access to a 2 pole set up.
  • Videos must be filmed as one continuous piece. Exceptions may be made for previous competition footage where there is no doubt that the performance was one continuous piece.
  • No editing, zooming, or panning is permitted. Exceptions may be made for previous competition footage where there is no doubt that the performance was one continuous piece.
  • Competitors must be fully visible throughout the routine.
  • Videos must have sufficient lighting.
  • Music must be recorded live; it must NOT be dubbed over the video.
  • Videos must not require rotation for viewing.
  • Clothing and footwear must conform to the same rules as for the live final (please refer to the live final rules & regulations)
  • Any videos submitted that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted. If videos are deemed not to meet these criteria, competitors will be advised by email and given the opportunity to resubmit.

Video Heat Routine length

Performer – maximum routine length 4 minutes

Instructor – maximum routine length 4 minutes

Professional – maximum routine length 4.5 minutes

Elite – maximum routine length 5 minutes

Minimum length for all categories is 3 minutes.

Minimum for all levels is 3 minutes. Total video length should not be more than 20 seconds longer than the routine length.